Owner: Lee Niffenegger


A Brief History


Belvedere Beach Resort was comprised of five buildings and operated by the Histed family from the late 1800s to the mid 1950's. The Retreat Cottage is one of the two structures that still remain. The resort advertised that you would have rest and freedom from noise and worry, while offering numerous forms of entertainment: tennis, shuffleboard, horseshoes, badminton, dancing under the stars, and marshmellow and weiner roasts.


Today, the Retreat and my home share a portion of that original property. The tennis and shuffleboard courts are gone, but the beautiful sandy beach is still here and bonfires for those marshmellow and weiner roasts are still allowed. The tennis courts may not be here for dancing under the stars, but the stars still shine above and feel free to dance wherever you desire.

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Phone: 269-639-1998  Cell: 269-252-1127

e-mail:  leen55@comcast.net

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